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       Euromobile® / MoveBoard s.r.o. is part of Euromobile Group. With more than 30 years of experience we are the expert of outdoor mobile advertising.

Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles we can cover the whole territories of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Euromobile® vehicles are equipped with high quality sound and lighting systems. Each vehicle has a GPS tracking system on board, which allows our dispatchers and  our client to permanently control the strategic route during the whole campaign.  

     The original shape and the size of our mobile billboards have been studied and designed in order to provide the most qualitative display and efficiently attract the attention.

Strategic routes are studied and defined according to the concentration of the target and its moves.

Thanks to outdoor mobile advertising you do not just wait for people to see your message but you bring it directly and with a strong impact in front of your target group at the right time and the right place.

Euromobil, mobilni reklama Avon
eurmobil; billboard; mobile; moving

       Euromobile® can easily adapt the media support to client's activity and the type of campaign. You will find some examples of campaigns we organized in the Pictures section.

Effects of outdoor mobile campaigns are impactful and immediate.

Surveys  show that  mobile advertising reaches higher memorisation scores than standard fix advertising at lower charges, meaning better value for money!

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